TransgressiveX started with a blank sheet and re-imagined how insight can serve to optimise brand management. The notion of eXchange, where brands build value with people through the eXchange of Values, seen in their inclination to interact across the whole consumer journey, underpins all of our services. Brand eXchange Power is what we measure, analyse and help to improve. This happens in our core service, the Brand eXchange Power Survey, in our tracking service TraX, and in pre- and post-survey consultancies such as Activation Workshops. Everything we do is designed to deliver Forensic Brand Guidance.


TX has a unique framework of thinking, including:

  1. New Measures of Seduction and Persuasion to identify Inclination to Interact,
  2. Analysis of propositional PULL and activation PUSH highly correlated with Value Growth,
  3. Future direction provided by evaluating the impact new ‘concepts’ have on improving the Brand’s competitive PULL and PUSH.
  4. Brand and Category Guidance for marketing investments
  5. These are all measured and analysed all along the Consumer Journey, contextualised against a brand’s competitive set.

The quantitative bXp Survey is short and engaging, honed to focus on collecting only the critical drivers of competitive Brand Equity using digital devices.


TraX is TX’s tracking service. It begins with a Core Brand eXchange Power Survey, utilising System 1 measurements providing granular, actionable guidance about strengthening brand perceptions. This is augmented by System 2 measurements of a concise number of key Brand Usage and Habits. Subsequent waves of tracking continue with System 1 capture of movements in Seduction, Persuasion and Brand eXchange Power scores, with System 2 usage and habit tracking. We recommend annual Core waves, to show fully granular changes in Brand Perception across the Consumer Journey, and ongoing tracking of Usage and Habits. TraX offers Forensic Brand Guidance plus Focused Tracking of the key levers of eXchange.


eXchange is available to clients outside the survey framework. The same quality of thinking applies, using Seduction & Persuasion measurements, propositional PULL and activation PUSH analysis, and guidance is given on how to achieve competitive advantage in the category.

Outline Guidance is given through a six-hour engagement with clients.

  1. An hour to hear the brief
  2. Four hours applying the TX frameworks and thinking to the core eXchanges between the Brand, its consumers and other stakeholders, to achieve virtual scores in the Brand eXchange Power System, and
  3. A final hour with observations and recommendations.

This allows a considered point of view for minimal investment and helps to immerse an organisation in the idea of eXchange.

Like siX, this engages in a light-footed fashion with client organisations, but includes an abbreviated survey, giving primary Brand eXchange Power data. It's taken at just one point of the Consumer Journey, so cannot have the forensic guidance of the full survey, but nevertheless gives clear direction on a brand’s propositional PULL and activation PUSH relative to its competition. Clients who go on to commission a full bXp Survey are credited with the majority of their investment in X-ray.


TX is led by senior and seasoned marketing professionals, who have held global and regional CEO, CMO, Head of Insight, and Research leadership roles. When either the full Brand eXchange Power Survey or the One-Day Consultancies indicate that particular marketing investments should be made, the TX team is able to run activation workshops, to bring these opportunities to life.

Strengthening the brand proposition

Balancing and bringing to life the brand’s proposition and activation relative to its competitive set.

Strengthening activation of the proposition

Bringing various stakeholders together around an eXchange Strategy, and/or working with marketing teams in different geographies to align on the eXchange Strategy adopted for the brand