In a complex world, with ever-changing touchpoints, channels of communication, diversification of offers, and vibrant brand competition, it’s helpful to have a one-number score of success. ‘Brand eXchange Power’ is the top metric.

bXp captures the overall score a brand gains, of people’s Inclination to Interact with it. It can be broken down into its PULL and PUSH, understood in terms of Seduction & Persuasion.

Propositional PULL is the hard-baked, DNA of a brand - what draws people to it. Knowing how a brand’s PULL works compared to its competitive set allows forensic brand guidance as to where to achieve disproportionately positive returns on brand investment.

And...understanding how well people interact with its marketing activation PUSH also ensures that the brand assets can be best deployed. Knowing where and how to PULL and PUSH underpins TX's Forensic Brand Guidance.