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Our team is deliberately made up of ex-CMOs, brand owners, insight experts, data scientists and developers.

We’re on a mission to help brand owners more effectively and efficiently understand how people interact with their brand.

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Nadim Sadek, CEO, TransgressiveX

Nadim Sadek CEO Nadim Sadek on LinkedIn

Founder & Head, Sadek Wynberg Research; Global Leader, Millward Brown Qualitative; Worldwide Commercial & Strategy Director, Research International Founder of Mobius-winning Inish Turk Beg brand

Carol Reay, Chairman, TransgressiveX

Carol Reay Chairman Carol Reay on LinkedIn

CMO, Odgers Berndtson; CEO Great Ormond St Hospital

James Brennan, CMO & Head of Brand Guidance, TransgressiveX

James Brennan CMO & Head of Brand Guidance James Brennan on LinkedIn

Global Marketing Leadership, Unilever; Experience in EU, EMEA & LatAm; Category expertise in Personal Care & Foods

Iain Hamilton, Head of Brand Intelligence, TransgressiveX

Iain Hamilton Head of Brand Intelligence Iain Hamilton on LinkedIn

Marketing Director Kimberly-Clark Europe; Managing Director Dylon Mayborn PLC; Managing Director Spotless UK

Riri Rustam, Client Service Director, Indonesia, TransgressiveX

Riri Rustam Client Service Director, Indonesia Riri Rustam on LinkedIn

CEO, Eye to Eye

Technology & Operations

Andrew Wish, COO, Head of Modelling, TransgressiveX

Andrew Wish COO, Head of Modelling Andrew Wish on LinkedIn

Former CEO Research International, Africa; CEO AstraZeneca, S.A.

John Blake, Head of Project Design, TransgressiveX

John Blake Head of Project Design John Blake on LinkedIn

Global Insight Director Bacardi, Cadbury, Kraft, Avis

Pete Harvey, Head of Technology & Product Development, TransgressiveX

Pete Harvey Head of Technology & Product Development Pete Harvey on LinkedIn

Management Consultant, Ernst & Young Advisory; experience in Growth Strategy and Digital Transformation; published physicist.

Sagaran Naidoo, MD of TX Data HUB, TransgressiveX

Sagaran Naidoo MD of TX Data HUB Sagaran Naidoo on LinkedIn

CEO, DataTech Solutions; MD I&S Transdata

Kavir Haripersad, Director of TX Data HUB and Head of Data Delivery, TransgressiveX

Kavir Haripersad Director of TX Data HUB and Head of Data Delivery Kavir Haripersad on LinkedIn

Yasteel Singh, Data Scientist, TX Data Hub, TransgressiveX

Yasteel Singh Data Scientist, TX Data Hub

Avni Balalee, Data Scientist, TX Data Hub, TransgressiveX

Avni Balalee Data Scientist, TX Data Hub Avni Balalee on LinkedIn

Shamir Deeplal, Data Scientist, TX Data Hub, TransgressiveX

Shamir Deeplal Data Scientist, TX Data Hub Shamir Deeplal on LinkedIn

Nelisiwe Nkosi, Data Scientist, TX Data Hub, TransgressiveX

Nelisiwe Nkosi Data Scientist, TX Data Hub

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