Better marketing through forensic brand guidance

TX is... is not.

TX optimises the propositional Pull and activational Push of its clients’ brands. From a clean-sheet, we have created an integrated framework of clearer thinking, more appropriate measures, better data capture, more relevant analysis, and ultimately, far more actionable brand guidance. TX services clients with the most commercially employable insight system in existence.

Brand authority has fundamentally changed in recent years. It has occurred alongside profound cultural changes that have seen traditional pillars of society fall. Living in a complex world with ever-changing touch-points, channels of communication, diversification of offers and vibrant competition, the insight, research and consultancy community still uses the “the conversion funnel” theory of marketing, in which brands relentlessly present desirable images of products to captive audiences. This worked once, but now fails to take into account the liberation consumers have received at the hands of social media and technology-enabled access to information, wherein far more mobile brand relationships have been democratised, and the consumer advocate has all but replaced traditional brand ‘broadcast'.

This reality underpins a fundamental re-think about how to measure and improve people’s interactions with brands. The result is the “eXchange”™ framework, underpinning all TX’s services. It shows that the greatest brands create an inclination to interact with people through the eXchange of values, across the whole consumer journey.

TX has developed proprietary thinking and technology to capture this sea change in the marketing landscape. It employs System 1 heartfelt responses to capture a brand’s powers of Seduction & Persuasion. It navigates optimisation of Propositional ‘Pull’ and Activation ‘Push’ for competitive advantage. The end result is the most granular, diagnostic analysis and best prognostic guidance the research industry has ever offered the brand-marketing community.